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A privately owned company has filed a lawsuit against the city of South Hill and Mecklenburg and Brunswick Industrial Authorities for using the adjacent land in their industrial park as a sewage dumping station for commercial purposes.

The substance being dumped is a toxic landfill substance called Landfill Leachate.

When dumping commenced in early 2012, without the company being notified or giving consent, the industrial complex workers immediately complained of nausea, headaches and weakness.

When the president of the company tried to discuss the problem with local officials he received no answer or reply to his inquiries. When visitors or other business owners arrive at the facility they were greeted with the presence of septic trucks, pumping raw sewage into an open manhole on the side of the road. Upon entering the facility, visitors and employees would then contend with a terrible odor.

Included are photos of the dumping, letters to the town council and mayor of South Hill(again no reply),and the governor of VA.

As of this writing, the local officials have refused to stop with their plans to have this noxious dumping take place at the industrial park, despite the protest and legal filing by the company.

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  1. The City of Emporia is now allowing the same trucks to drive though my subdivision which is Tall Oaks and dump the leachate in a holding pond that is full of ducks and geese located at the waste water treatment plant. Our City Manager as well as Mayor are doing exactly what South Hills did, not return calls and refuse to address the problem. I would like to produce a webpage such as this one to address the problem. We are also looking into a lawsuit.

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