Toxic waste dumped in South Hill

In early 2012, the city of South Hill, VA welcomed a new business to the Roanoke River Regional Business Park – Toxic Waste. This toxic waste (leachate) was pumped into open manholes beside the road multiple times every day. The toxic waste often spilled out onto our public roads. The tanker trucks travel on the roads so often that the roads were showing signs of damage. At times the man holes were left open and the fumes from the toxic waste escaped.

A lawsuit has been filed by the Park’s only tenant, an industrial company that relocated to the area, to force the Town of South Hill and the Mecklenburg and Brunswick Industrial Development Authorities to permanently stop the dumping of landfill leachate in the park.  However, despite the fact that 13 of the company’s employees were sickened due to a noxious odor enter the company’s manufacturing facility, and the manner of dumping has been done in a way that is jeopardizing their well-being, the well-being of the company, and the environment surrounding the dumping site, the officials stubbornly insist upon continuing the practice.  The Town of South Hill has no legal authorization or permit to conduct these activities, but insist upon doing it any way, even in court.